I am a sucker for sweet treats. Over my years of competing a following a healthy lifestyle I have experimented with many healthy recipes and low calorie recipes. I love coffee and I love dessert. Below are two of my favourite sweet treat recipes.

Iced Coffee 

On hot days I love to make a low calorie iced coffee. Put your coffee granules into a cup as normal and just cover it with hot water to dissolve the coffee. Add any sweetener you want before you add the ice. In a blender fill with as much ice and water as you like. Start with less as you can always add more. If you are ok adding extra calories add in some almond milk for a creamier taste and blend well. Serve in a big glass with a re-usable straw. Just like the cafés but low calories. To make it even yummier but still low in calories, you could use an avalanche sachet instead of coffee granules.

Protein Mousse with Weight Watchers Jelly

Add ½ serving of SET Weight Watchers Jelly and 1/2 scoop of protein with a small amount of water into the blender. Blend for a good 1-2 minutes until fluffy.

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