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Fit Girl

We have combined all of our FAVOURITE training programs into one, to make the ultimate ‘FIT GIRL’ Training Program that you can customise to you and your goals! This plan will suit any female with any fitness goal. FITGIRL is the plan for busy women who want results, but don’t want to spend countless hours working out. Follow a 4 day a week training split, with additional cardio & core workouts.


  • 24/7 Email Support with Jess
  • Check-ins personally with Jess every 2 weeks.
  • New GYM OR HOME Training Plans every 2 weeks. Home workouts require a set of Dumbbells, Long band, booty band & ankle weights.
  • Semi- Customised Nutrition plans based on your goals with updates every 2 weeks.
  • Access to the NEW Jess Coate Fitness App.
  • Access to the Jess Coate Fitness ‘Members only HUB’.

NOTE: All training & Nutrition plans will be through an APP. Complete all your workouts and log them via the new Jess Coate Fitness App.


  • Personalised weight and photo tracker that logs all your updates.
  • Full Jess Coate Fitness APP access to complete each workout, log your weights and reps.
  • Shopping list prepared for your nutrition plan on the JESS COATE FITNESS APP.
  • Exercise library with hundreds of videos to teach you new exercises, form and techniques. Each exercise comes with a video demonstration on the APP.
  • 12 Additional “ YOUR CHOICE” Workout VIDEOS and printable training programs – So you can Tailor your plans to your goals.
  • Access to FREE Recipes, E-books, Beauty tips and more.

PLEASE NOTE- Training & Nutrition for FITGIRLS are set plans . If you want specific plans for your goals or have any injuries or food allergies please choose the Custom Training & Nutrition plan option.

FITGIRL is only $27.96/ week for training & nutrition plans plus full access to the Jess Coate Fitness Members only APP & HUB. There is a ONE OFF sign up fee of $49.

No plan is ever the same and every experience will be different.

Please note; If you have injuries, or you are pregnant the CUSTOM plan is better suited for you. This is a 12-week program. A minimum of 12 weeks must be paid before cancelling down. Fit Girl is a rollover plan, so after 12 weeks and you may still continue enjoying our services. Cancellations after 12 weeks require 5 working days notice via email to cancel your account. We can not change your payment days. It will always come out of your account weekly on the same day of the week that you signed up for the program.

DISCLAIMER– You should consult a doctor before starting any personal training/fitness programs. Results may vary. All sales are final, no refunds.

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