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What is FitGirl? FitGirl is a self-progressing online training program for women, designed for flexibility and efficiency. With a self-progressing approach, you take the reins of your fitness journey, adapting and advancing at your pace. It’s your personal fitness journey, on your terms. Whether you’re aiming for strength, endurance, or a combination of both, FitGirl is your reliable companion. 

FITGIRL program is only $12.95/ week with a one-off sign up fee of $49. This gives you full access to the Jess Coate Fitness Members only APP and all your training programs.


  • Access to the Jess Coate Fitness App.
  • 4-day weight training split per week.
  • 2x 6 week training blocks includes both GYM AND HOME programs.
  • Extra workouts on the App for flexibility in your program; cardio, core, lower and upper body.
  • Home workouts require a set of Dumbbells, Long band, booty band & ankle weights.
  • Access to the Jess Coate Fitness ‘Members only Facebook page’.

NOTE: The FitGirl membership is a self- progressing training program and does not include any coach-client check-ins. 

  • Personalised weight and photo tracker that logs your progress.
  • Full Jess Coate Fitness APP access to complete each workout, log your weights and reps.
  • Exercise library with videos to teach you new exercises, form and techniques. Each exercise comes with a video demonstration on the APP.
  • 16 Additional Workouts – So that you can Tailor your plans to your goals.
  • Access to FREE Recipes, E-books and monthly client Newsletters.


No plan is ever the same and every experience will be different.

**Please note: FitGirl Training programs are structured plans, if you have injuries or are pregnant, the CUSTOM plan will be better suited for your specific needs. This is a 12-week program and the payments will roll over after 12 weeks so that you can continue enjoying our services. Cancellations after 12 weeks require 5 working days notice via email to cancel your account. We can not change your payment days, it will always come out of your account weekly on the same day of the week that you signed up for the program.

DISCLAIMER– You should consult a doctor before starting any personal training/fitness programs. Results may vary. All sales are final, no refunds.

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