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12 Week Hour Glass Bikini Body Transformation

$19.95 / week

With my knowledge and your will power together we will transform and shape your body.  The 12 weeks of workouts in this program are designed and used by Jess to get you bikini body ready.  These programs work on toning your body and creating beautiful curves to resemble an hour glass figure. This program is primarily Resistance training with plyometric workouts to help achieve that hourglass bikini body look.


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12 Week Program with Fortnightly Training Plan Updates

Learn the skills to train and shape your body like a PRO.

  • 12 Week Hourglass Bikini Body Transformation Program.
  • Learn the skills to transform your body towards an hour glass curvy figure.
  • Full Body Focus with 5x weight training splits per week
  • Plyometrics and Abdominal work included

Please note this is a 12 week program. The payments will roll over after 12 weeks and you may still continue enjoying our services. Cancellations after 12 weeks require 5 days notice via email to cancel your account. We can not change your payment days. It will always come out of your account weekly on the same day of the week that you signed upto the program.


DISCLAIMER– You should consult a doctor before starting any personal training/fitness programs. Results may vary. All sales are final, no refunds. If you have any injuries or health issues that may affect your training please DO NOT choose this program. Please choose our 12 Week Customized transformation plan instead so that we can cater for your needs.


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